Fastener Resource

PPR Inserts
Brass Female Inserts for CPVC Fittings, Brass Male Insert, Adaptor for CPVC Fittings, Brass Female Inserts for PPR Fittings.

Brass Pipe Fittings
Brass Equal Tee Pipe Fittings, Brass Cleanout Plugs Pipe Fitting, Union Tee Pipe Fitting, Reducing Coupling, Quick Tee Adapters.

Air Brake Fittings
Air Brake Hose Connector Body, Air Brake Hose Connector Complete Assembly, Air Brake Hose Connector.

Earthing and Lighting Parts
Flat Type Test Clamp, Brass Earth Rod, Brass Coupler, DC Tape Clip.

Brass Split Bolt Connectors
Brass Split Bolt Connectors, Brass Line Taps, Supplier of Brass Split Bolt Connectors.

Precision Turned Components
Brass Precision Turned Components, Brass Precision Parts, Brass Turned Parts, Brass Turned Components, Brass Electrical Components.

Transformer Parts
Brass Transformer Plates, Brass Transformer Powder Coated Clamps, Brass Transformer Boxes, Brass Parts, Brass Precision Parts.

Brass Builders Hardware
Hinges Building Hardware, Tower Bolts Building Hardware, Brass Glass Brackets Glass Fittings, Knobs Building Hardware.

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All our products conform to International Standards and are tested in a Namas approved laboratory in U.K., for British Standard.
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